SAYNPS is a non-racial association, where members are bound by their passion for nuclear science and technology, and its ability to bring about social transformation on the African continent. The society further plays an advocacy and advisory role to policy makers in determining the future of the youth of South Africa. This includes but not limited to participation in annual national science campaigns, university nuclear lecture day Workshops, seminars, colloquiums, etc. to promote science and technology applications; National Science Week and serving on the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA) Board and its Sub-Committees to ensure that issues of youth development are on the agenda of major nuclear projects.

2nd African Youth Nuclear Summit will be held at the Royal Elephant hotel and Conference Centre in Centurion (Gauteng Province, South Africa) from the 7th -11th October 2019under the theme; “Unlocking the potential of nuclear science and technology applications in Africa” .

The summit will bring together young people and professionals across the continent and internationally from governments, academia, nuclear research institutions, nuclear service providers, prospectus and current operators and regulators to share, exchange ideas and network on issues related to nuclear science and technology applications. The main aim of the summit is to provide the youth of South Africa and the whole continent, particularly those from the rural areas with an opportunity to lead the debate and drive the youth agenda in the nuclear industry.



The AYNS19 aims to bring together international nuclear professionals and students looking to network and share their knowledge. In particular, the summit will attract young professionals who are looking to further their careers as well as senior leaders willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the future generations. Hence, an open environment will be created with interactive and unique formats to facilitate knowledge exchange, professional networking and the promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and its benefits to society.